A Very Simple Layout

Once in a while, i like creating simple pages. After finishing the mini album, i felt that a simple one is the best way to go. I took this photo the other day when Bea was sitting on her high chair facing the window.

When I saw you looking out the window, i knew i had to take your photo. The innocence took my breath away. You noticed the world around you. But you are blissfully unaware of the troubles and sufferings. As long as I can, i will shelter you and will continuously protect your INNOCENCE.
(that uneven corner on the right top side is driving me crazy..can u say OC?)


I told myself i want to make a mini after the last layout i did. I didn't know what photos to use though. We received a very sad news the other day and i planned on making a card but decided to do a mini instead. The photos i used were from friendster.. I didn't not want to impose on the family during a very difficult time so i just used the photos i have. Although tito Emi's SIL, Peter helped me with the wedding pic. I did this as if i was doing it for my tatay. Tito Emi was a nurturing father to his children and he will be sorely missed!

There are hidden journaling tag on a few pages to let the kids express how they feel.

(Tito Emi was the husband of my MIL's sister.)

Another Layout

It is cloudy here today, still, i decided to take a photo of the layout i made the other night...I am planning on making a mini next time.

I Want You To Meet Nicoleen

Her name is NICOLEEN DUCI...We call here Nici (ni-chi), sometimes Chubi...She is my step-daughter..Although i hate the term "step" because i treat her like my own... If only i can think of another term for it. Looking at her is like looking at Oliver, they look exactly the same.

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