It's {a} Sweet Life

Finished this one Saturday night. I'm now doing invitations for a very good friend's son. I also have a few photos lined up to be scrapped. Oh please, let this continue..LOL..

At Last...3 Pages and a Project

Hellooooooooo...remember me? First of all, i know you understand and know that a scrapper goes through a stage. Or at least i do. Last night, i had a rush when i was looking at an online gallery and i felt a sudden urge to scrap. Finished one page:

About two months ago, Badgirls Kits had a design team call. Looked at it as a way to bring back my long, long, long, lost mojo. 4 new projects were required (3 scrapbook pages and 1 altered project)...That darn mojo left me again after finishing 3 of those 4 requirements. Well, here they are:

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