Nothing Complicated

I was getting bored last night and a little stressful (still waiting for the announcement of who won at badgirls). Just to pass time, i went back to my desk and scrapped! Finished this one in 20 minutes (more or less). It is very simple but i like it. Maybe tonight, i will scrap again.


Been working like crazy on this project. I started on this Monday and been putting in a couple of hours each day. I finished the cover this morning and gratefully, the sun came out. I ran outside then took pics of the project. This an altered canvas that i made into an album, shadow box/frames.

Lots of painting involved here using a couple of mediums like gesso, gel medium, oil paints, watercolor paste (i didn't mix it with water), acrylic paints, etc.

I would like to thank my friend Cookie for being extremely patient the past days and not being afraid to voice her suggestion when i asked for her opinion. Also my friends Donna and Lee and my sister Monet!

Just taking a break from my projects. I've bee working on it since Monday and i am nowhere near finishing it. They were right, the final challenge is CREATIVE ALTERING. If you know me, i am not an altering girlie. Will share it with you when i finish it (rather them! *wink*).

Wonderful News!

The announcement has been made! I am one of the final 11 (Wendy likes odd who would be competing for the honor to be the TOP DESIGNER OF BADGIRLSKITS 2008. I will find out tomorrow what the final assignment would be. I am guessing it's a double pager..Others think it would be an altered item. I don't know, but to be in the final round means a lot to me. I already feel like a winner!!! Last year, there were only 6 rounds, i didn't make it to the final one. So i am uber excited making it to the final round.

Everyone did a marvelous job that i believe it was hard for the BADGIRLS TEAM to choose who would move on and who wouldn't. You wouldn't believe how amazing the rest of the finalists are and with that said, i am not expecting AT ALL to win it. Besides, i fared better this year than last year.

I know i'm rambling but...

Here It Goes!!!

Maybe because of nervousness or maybe i am really just a dork, i thought that the layout we have to make this week is a shaped layout. And i was stressing and drafting the shape i would wanna do. Then this morning, i re-read the lecture and lo and behold, the word shape became "size"!!! lol.. oh well, so after really understanding it, i knew i wanted to make a 6x12 page. This is my first time with this size. So with the other requirements in mind, i finished this page this afternoon:

the requirements are:

1. do a layout with any size that we want but no cards or altered projects
2. break the rules the we have learned the past weeks but still make the page our own.

ROUND 6!!!

Yep, i made it to round 6. If i still make it past this round, then i will be in the final round. That for me is enough. From around 300 who registered, we are down to 25 challengers. To make it this far is unbelievable. THANK YOU to those who's been giving me words of encouragement.


After me being sick, Isabella followed suit. We took her to the doctor this morning and no need to worry. It is just your regular virus thingie. The kids have been sleeping with us for a week now. When i got sick, it was easier for me to take care their needs at night. Well, they liked it so much that they don't want to move back to their rooms.

This afternoon, i finished my layout for TD (week 5). Francine just turned four here. And she looked much older. It worries me that she's growing up too fast.

A Very Short Post

Couldn't sit still tonight. I was stalking the mb at badgirls waiting for the announcement of who made it to round 5. Then a new post. And my name is there! From 96 participants, they eliminated about 40 challengers. 1 more before the final round. Tomorrow, will stalk the board again for this week's challenge.


An Afternoon With Francine

ti's the season for apples, pumpkins and raspberries. We took Francine to her first apple picking 2 years ago at Edward's Orchard and man, we enjoyed it immensely! Our friends decided to go there last week and invited us to go with them. Oliver and Bea weren't able to go with us. Francine was soooo excited to have our special time that day. It was different, she got my full attention the whole time unlike at home when i had to give only a half to her and half to her sister.

Francine had apple pie with vanilla ice cream and i had apple cider donuts (or if you like, doughnuts) with coffee. I wanted to take home a box of them but the line was unbelievably long.
*sigh* Maybe next year.
Oh , i forgot to mention that Edward's Orchard was hit by a tornado in January. Normally, it would take about 2 years to re-build everything but a lot volunteered so it only took about 7 or 8 months i think. So they were able to re-opened this season. We had a few fond memories there, so we like Bea to share those too.

Remembering...(warning: very boring post. i just didn't want to forget the sentiments behind each creation)

How i used to love cake decorating. I used to spend countless hours browsing cakecentral for tips and articles. (i did not take any class but learned by reading books and articles) and i used to get giddy when the wilson's annual tent sale is approaching. It's different now. Can't blame myself if i turned my back and fell in-love with scrapbooking. With cake decorating, i always make a mess in the kitchen, with scrapbooking, my table is the only space that gets messy. I can finish a page in an hour, but with c.d., one hour is just for prepping.

One afternoon, i received a call from a friend's friend asking me if I was the one who did the "wonderful" (according to her) cakes she saw in the photos. She wanted to order one from me for her daughter's bday and sister's bridal shower. Now, the cakes i made were not for sale. They were given as gifts to our friends and relatives. I never accepted any order until now.

Here are a few of a few cakes that i made. You have probably seen them in my slideshow but here they are anyway. I considered the first two as really special. The first one was my 2nd attempt at fondant. I practiced on a very small round cake for my first attempt. (first attempt at preparing fondant too). Then i got ambitious with this and did a 2 tier. It was my first time using shimmer dust..i made the roses out of fondant and also dusted with shimmer dust.

This castle cake was my daughter's 3rd birthday cake. (as obvious with the candle loll!). I used to order sheet cakes for her bday that when i learned how, i promised her i would make one for her. The turrets are ice cream cones covered with fondant. I also made the mushrooms, small flowers, vines and stones.

I probably made a total of around 6 cakes only. So maybe you understand my apprehension with selling them. I am not good enough. This next cake gave me nightmares. This was my biggest project so far. I started making the decorations a week earlier to allot time for them to dry. The shoe, the number 1, the flowers, the bees are made out of fondant too. I used a doll mold pan for the gown part then just covered with fondant. The bodice was also fondant (what else) colored with americolor gel.

NOW THIS, is the nightmare of all my nightmares. I didn't know what came to me and attempted A LOT of elements only done by the experts. I carved a 2 square cakes in shape of a pillow (nightmare), then used a scoring tool to give the impression of quilting (another nightmare) on the fondant. then hand painted each square or diamond if you want with 2 different colors (again, nightmare!) It cannot be seen in the photos but the daisies' petals are scored ONE BY ONE to make it look lifelike.

The following are my "decorate as you go cakes."Didn't make any sketches nor any decorations in advance. Just didn't have the time for it.

Class 4 *woot*woot*

I made it to round 4 at badgirls! there are about 96 participants left now. there are 7 rounds all in all. If last week was a breeze for me, this week is a little hellish. I've been sick since monday and had to take vicodin and augmentin. Last night, i started to look at photos and was able to finish a page for the contest even i was under the influence (of my meds oi!). For this week, we need to use accessories to focus on:


I will share a few photos on my next post.

Sharing A Few Of My Thoughts

I've been taking it easy for the last few days...Having submitted my entry for class III at badgirls, no reason for me to stress now.

I went back to reading!!! Just a backgrounder, i've been reading since i was 8 i think. My mother used to borrow children's books from the library and she also bought a few Sweet Valley Twins books. That started my addiction with reading. I devoured every book in my mother's stash and more. From Mill's & Boon to John Grisham, from Sherlock Holmes to Johanna Lindsey. I remember reading with my sister using flashlights under our blanket because our nanay didn't want us reading until the wee hours of the morning.

The past years, i've only read a few, including Angels and Demon,"trashy" *wink*wink* ones (not that trash hey!) and the majority were children's books. The drawback for me when i read is that i don't let the book down until i finish it. We are talking reading until 5am-6am here that when the kids get up, i would only get 2-3 hours of bedtime.

I have a few must reads on my list now. And #1 on my list is
P.S. I Love You. It's one of my most fave movie ever. It's my wallpaper, my screensaver and I couldn't stop BAWLING LIKE A BABY while watching the movie over and over again. Let me share with you a clip. Watching this with a pumpkin spice latte in my hand is pure bliss for me right now.

Hope you enjoyed it!

BG Top Designer Contest Class III

Fortunately, I made it to class III! Our teacher for this week taught us about:

1. less is more
2. unity
3. balance
4. white space

I was actually excited to start on this right away. I used asymmetrical balance here. To unify the look of the page, i used the color scheme, the rule of 3, repetition, etc.

Top Designer Contest At Badgirls Class II

I passed class I at the top designer contest at BG. there are 190 participants left. For Class II, we need to use at least 2 pp while applying the principle: Gallon, quart, pint for the distribution of all the color in our page. We also need to get our colors from the photo itself.

Yesterday, i took the kids outside so they can enjoy the few remaining fair weather here. Bea was scheduled to wear braces for her weak ankles, which according to her therapist, is the reason she's not really walking yet. So, while outside, she was sitting on the grass watching her sister playing when she suddenly got up and walked about 20 feet towards her sister. I am now considering not to use braces for her if she keeps on walking, and maybe, running.

Top Designer Contest at Bad Girls

So, i have been out of the loop lately. I don't know what's wrong with me. I would make a layout or two then disappear.. It became a cycle.. Whew! So, to get my mojo flowing again, i joined a contest that tortured me for weeks last year. For those who are not familiar with it, the contest that runs for 6 weeks with an elimination at the end of each week. The layouts (which) we call our assignments are based on Design Principles. For this week, we are asked to make a page with at least 2 types of layering...

I took this photo without any intention of scrapping it. I just needed something for her emergency form for her school. Maybe because of all that "photo shoots" she wouldn't look straight at was either looking sideways, looking outside or with her head tilted. FINALLY, she looked REALLY STRAIGHT at me.


I do not have any layouts to share right now. Life has been so hectic and it will probably remain that way for a few more weeks. Less I hope. We celebrated my 32nd year last July 17 by having lunch with the kiddos and Oliver. When Oliver was about to take my photo with the kids, our dinner was served, so i didn't get any photo with any of them.

Oliver with his girls.. He was on-call that day and luckily, was called a few hours after our lunch..

Francine with her new haircut. NO, she didn't try to find out how sharp my cutterbees are but Oliver convinced me *again* to have her hair short.

Even i didn't have any pic of myself that day, i took a photo of what i ordered, a few shrimps too late. The pasta was very, very, very good. A little on the al dente side but just perfect. I was planning on ordering coffeeand dessert but my tightening waistline wouldn't let me. And it's not good because i am really trying hard to gain weight... I was so full that i got sleepy on our way home! lol!

I received three bottles of perfume from three different people! among other gifts.. I love perfume more than handbags! yes, that's the truth..Here they are:

2nd Layout For July

I've been meaning to scrap this photo of my sister with our nephew taken during his 2nd birthday celebration. My brother and his wife lives in Canada and weren't around during the celebration so it was nanay and Monet who acted as his parents that day.

I finished this last week but went away for the weekend so i wasn't able to post this right away. Journaling to follow.

Guess What? Another Layout!!!

I was surprised with myself for being "productive" last month...I really hope that my mojo will stay longer this time. After my very simple layout, i took it up a few notches and came up with this. Lots of paper tearing and chalking..There is a journaling but it is a little personal.

A Very Simple Layout

Once in a while, i like creating simple pages. After finishing the mini album, i felt that a simple one is the best way to go. I took this photo the other day when Bea was sitting on her high chair facing the window.

When I saw you looking out the window, i knew i had to take your photo. The innocence took my breath away. You noticed the world around you. But you are blissfully unaware of the troubles and sufferings. As long as I can, i will shelter you and will continuously protect your INNOCENCE.
(that uneven corner on the right top side is driving me crazy..can u say OC?)


I told myself i want to make a mini after the last layout i did. I didn't know what photos to use though. We received a very sad news the other day and i planned on making a card but decided to do a mini instead. The photos i used were from friendster.. I didn't not want to impose on the family during a very difficult time so i just used the photos i have. Although tito Emi's SIL, Peter helped me with the wedding pic. I did this as if i was doing it for my tatay. Tito Emi was a nurturing father to his children and he will be sorely missed!

There are hidden journaling tag on a few pages to let the kids express how they feel.

(Tito Emi was the husband of my MIL's sister.)

Another Layout

It is cloudy here today, still, i decided to take a photo of the layout i made the other night...I am planning on making a mini next time.

I Want You To Meet Nicoleen

Her name is NICOLEEN DUCI...We call here Nici (ni-chi), sometimes Chubi...She is my step-daughter..Although i hate the term "step" because i treat her like my own... If only i can think of another term for it. Looking at her is like looking at Oliver, they look exactly the same.


by Donna and Cosette

Guidelines:Link back to the person that tagged you.Post these rules in your blog.Share six unimportant things about yourself.Tag six (6) people at the end of your entry.

* i have a diverse taste in music (fergie, rihanna, jlo, eagles, eminem, etc..)
* i love caramel
* i need to eat breakfast right away or else i get cranky
* i do not wear nail polish
* i take naps in the afternoon
* i am TERRIFIED of rats
* i cry when i watch a sad movie

A New Beginning

It is exactly a year since the first time I learned about acid and lignin free stuff..the first time i found out that there is another world that is scrapbooking. When i started, i felt relaxed while cutting up pp or figuring out what colors i want to use. I didn't realize that it was starting to take over my life. Most of my time were spent scrapping and if i wasn't scrapping, i was thinking of ideas for my next page. While giving my kids a bath, my mind was on what photo to use. Stressing about challenges and how to organize my stuff which took over our bedroom wasn't my vision when i started this hobby. I guess it was my fault.. I joined a lot of challenges and it literally burned me out. I had to scrap a few pages a week just to meet deadlines and it was too much for me. It became the center of my days and nights too.

My stuff are now in a closet, out of sight. But it was hard to forget the lovely flowers, chipboards and the smell of a package of pp hiding inside the linen closet. I couldn't resist it, so a few days later, i peeked and felt the familiar tingling whenever i look at them..And i realized that i should scrap again but this time, i will be in control...I made 1 measly layout that night, or rather started on it... it took me 1 whole week to finish the page..ugggh! here it is:
It felt good to do it again. When i found out about the "the gauntlet" contest at scrapperie, i knew i needed it to bring back my mojo. But this time, i am trying to be careful not to stress myself about it..Before, if i join a contest, i wanted to win. Who doesn't right? This time, i joined to have fun and enjoy the process. Win or loose, it's ok baby!

FIRST WEEK: scrap something about us. Our thoughts, what makes us sad, happy, or complete. Anything about us as long as it is not about being a mother or a spouse. Journaling is a must in all of the entries throughout the competition.

SECOND WEEK: make a card that is not a square, rectangle or circle.
THIRD WEEK: use a photo of a non-living thing in our pages.


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