Remembering...(warning: very boring post. i just didn't want to forget the sentiments behind each creation)

How i used to love cake decorating. I used to spend countless hours browsing cakecentral for tips and articles. (i did not take any class but learned by reading books and articles) and i used to get giddy when the wilson's annual tent sale is approaching. It's different now. Can't blame myself if i turned my back and fell in-love with scrapbooking. With cake decorating, i always make a mess in the kitchen, with scrapbooking, my table is the only space that gets messy. I can finish a page in an hour, but with c.d., one hour is just for prepping.

One afternoon, i received a call from a friend's friend asking me if I was the one who did the "wonderful" (according to her) cakes she saw in the photos. She wanted to order one from me for her daughter's bday and sister's bridal shower. Now, the cakes i made were not for sale. They were given as gifts to our friends and relatives. I never accepted any order until now.

Here are a few of a few cakes that i made. You have probably seen them in my slideshow but here they are anyway. I considered the first two as really special. The first one was my 2nd attempt at fondant. I practiced on a very small round cake for my first attempt. (first attempt at preparing fondant too). Then i got ambitious with this and did a 2 tier. It was my first time using shimmer dust..i made the roses out of fondant and also dusted with shimmer dust.

This castle cake was my daughter's 3rd birthday cake. (as obvious with the candle loll!). I used to order sheet cakes for her bday that when i learned how, i promised her i would make one for her. The turrets are ice cream cones covered with fondant. I also made the mushrooms, small flowers, vines and stones.

I probably made a total of around 6 cakes only. So maybe you understand my apprehension with selling them. I am not good enough. This next cake gave me nightmares. This was my biggest project so far. I started making the decorations a week earlier to allot time for them to dry. The shoe, the number 1, the flowers, the bees are made out of fondant too. I used a doll mold pan for the gown part then just covered with fondant. The bodice was also fondant (what else) colored with americolor gel.

NOW THIS, is the nightmare of all my nightmares. I didn't know what came to me and attempted A LOT of elements only done by the experts. I carved a 2 square cakes in shape of a pillow (nightmare), then used a scoring tool to give the impression of quilting (another nightmare) on the fondant. then hand painted each square or diamond if you want with 2 different colors (again, nightmare!) It cannot be seen in the photos but the daisies' petals are scored ONE BY ONE to make it look lifelike.

The following are my "decorate as you go cakes."Didn't make any sketches nor any decorations in advance. Just didn't have the time for it.


geng said...
October 6, 2008 at 10:03 AM

Wow Marj..these cakes are just gorgeous!!! you're really an artist!!!

Donna E. said...
October 13, 2008 at 10:42 PM

ganda marj, nagugutom ako sa explanation mo pa lang on how you prepared and made these!!! super galing sis! :)

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