An Afternoon With Francine

ti's the season for apples, pumpkins and raspberries. We took Francine to her first apple picking 2 years ago at Edward's Orchard and man, we enjoyed it immensely! Our friends decided to go there last week and invited us to go with them. Oliver and Bea weren't able to go with us. Francine was soooo excited to have our special time that day. It was different, she got my full attention the whole time unlike at home when i had to give only a half to her and half to her sister.

Francine had apple pie with vanilla ice cream and i had apple cider donuts (or if you like, doughnuts) with coffee. I wanted to take home a box of them but the line was unbelievably long.
*sigh* Maybe next year.
Oh , i forgot to mention that Edward's Orchard was hit by a tornado in January. Normally, it would take about 2 years to re-build everything but a lot volunteered so it only took about 7 or 8 months i think. So they were able to re-opened this season. We had a few fond memories there, so we like Bea to share those too.


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