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The other day, I saw a sign that said, "HUGE GARAGE SALE" then below that: "crafts"...What do u think I did? Of course I had to go there! I've never seen anything like that before in a garage sale. Boxes and boxes of unfinished wood crafts. Containers of paint (used and sealed), ribbons, beads, etc..With the limited time I had (hubby was calling me on my cell asking if I bought what he needed already), I did a quick sweep of the items and zoomed in on a few items. This one, was one of them.. I got it for a quarter.

I painted it first with pink paint then coated with crackling medium. Last step was to topcoat it with white paint for the cracks to show. After that, I was ready to decorate. I have this ballerina ornament for our Christmas tree and she is so dainty. I knew I needed that more for this than for our tree. I used mini-roses from prima to decorate the waist part of her skirt then outlined the bottom part of the skirt with stickles.

I felt that it needed more so I decided to have flowers hanging from it. I sewed buttons, flower and the ribbon for strength then I used glossy accents to adhere the other end to the fence. The back part of the flowers were covered with buttons too.

Francine was really excited when she saw what I did for her last night. I'm glad I used these colors because they go really well with the paint color in her room.

Time For An Altered Project

I love going to garage sales and thrift shops to look for items to alter. I have a shelf full of alterable and was bored last night so I browsed that shelf and was immediately drawn to this "lamp" I got for 2 dollars at Salvation Army Thrift Store. Luckily, I didn't forget to take a before photo of it.

Before I keep on blabbing about the process, here is the finished project...I think it is perfect on that table in our living room. What do u think?

Now for those who are interested on the process, please keep on reading.

I used gold paint dabber and dabbed (that's why it's called paint dabber right? :D ) along the columns to give it a rough look. I tried golden gold acrylic paint and smooch but I didn't like how the gold turned out so I turned to that paint dabber from Ranger. Then I used my paint brush to paint the bottom and top parts. I have this acetate (forgot the brand, but the Prima flocked acetate would've been perfect for this) that I used to cover the glass parts. One of the glass opens up so it was easy to use that as a guide on how big I should cut the acetate.

I also have this gorgeous trim from Lee and her sister Tita Marissa (they gave me tons! wohooo!) and knew it would be perfect for this project. Of course, my projects wouldn't be complete if I don't use Prima flowers but I was careful not to use too much because I still want the light from the tea light candle to shine through.

Opening at the back part. The glass part slides upward so you have full access to light up the candle. Would've been nice if I didn't forget to light up the candle when I took this photo.

A few more shots..I love taking photos from different angles so sorry for the heavy photo posts in my blog.

A "BEFORE and AFTER" shot to end my long post. Thanks for looking!!! Until next time!

A Simple Layout

I printed a lot of photos the other night before my photo printer runs out of ink :) ...After lunch this afternoon, I sat down and scrapped before taking our afternoon naps. I managed to finish one simple layout. The intricate cutting took quite a while. I used a combination of x-acto knife and scissors. I wanted a muted look so I refrained from using vibrant colors. I can't remember the last time I used plain cardstocks as my main background but I wanted the focus on the oval frame I cut from a Recollections pp.

Of course, the whole page won't be completed without prima flowers. Such beauty!

Thank you so much for looking!!!

Playing With Colored Pencils

I've been hoarding my prismacolor pencils for years now. Not because I didn't want to use them but because I didn't know how. Or maybe, just didn't care enough to find out. Last night, I saw a few cards using prismacolor pencils and I was really surprised. At first, I thought COPICS were used. So I googled and googled and tried to find out the "secret" on the smooth blending ----> stumps and gamsol (odorless mineral solution)...Of course, I had to try it. Let me just say that using copics gives you a smoother blend AND save your wrist in a way. Here it is, my first attempt at using prismacolor colored pencils.

I only used 2 shades of brown here. With copics, I would've used at least 4 shades. For the apples, I used 2 colors, cinnamon red and apple green. You really can't see it in this photo, but the upper part of the image was colored with sky blue prismacolor then blended with OMS. It took me longer to finish this image though but it was ok. Besides, coloring is one of my most favorite part.
Thanks for looking!!!

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