I do not have any layouts to share right now. Life has been so hectic and it will probably remain that way for a few more weeks. Less I hope. We celebrated my 32nd year last July 17 by having lunch with the kiddos and Oliver. When Oliver was about to take my photo with the kids, our dinner was served, so i didn't get any photo with any of them.

Oliver with his girls.. He was on-call that day and luckily, was called a few hours after our lunch..

Francine with her new haircut. NO, she didn't try to find out how sharp my cutterbees are but Oliver convinced me *again* to have her hair short.

Even i didn't have any pic of myself that day, i took a photo of what i ordered, a few shrimps too late. The pasta was very, very, very good. A little on the al dente side but just perfect. I was planning on ordering coffeeand dessert but my tightening waistline wouldn't let me. And it's not good because i am really trying hard to gain weight... I was so full that i got sleepy on our way home! lol!

I received three bottles of perfume from three different people! among other gifts.. I love perfume more than handbags! yes, that's the truth..Here they are:


CraftFairy said...
July 30, 2008 at 7:46 PM

It was your birthday?! Happy birthday!! We've got to see each other again to celebrate you!

Lee i. said...
August 15, 2008 at 8:23 AM

belated happy birthday! miss you. hmmmm....you must smell very good these days. :-)

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