Top Designer Contest At Badgirls Class II

I passed class I at the top designer contest at BG. there are 190 participants left. For Class II, we need to use at least 2 pp while applying the principle: Gallon, quart, pint for the distribution of all the color in our page. We also need to get our colors from the photo itself.

Yesterday, i took the kids outside so they can enjoy the few remaining fair weather here. Bea was scheduled to wear braces for her weak ankles, which according to her therapist, is the reason she's not really walking yet. So, while outside, she was sitting on the grass watching her sister playing when she suddenly got up and walked about 20 feet towards her sister. I am now considering not to use braces for her if she keeps on walking, and maybe, running.


Donna E. said...
September 20, 2008 at 3:05 AM

goodluck with bad girls sis!

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