Who Is This Girl?

A few days ago, my daughter francine wanted to find out how sharp my cutterbee scissors are...But instead on a piece of paper, she tried it on HER HAIR! I didn't even noticed until i saw a pile of hair near my desk...She cut about 8 inches of hair and it looked like she has bangs..Since she was born,she had only 1 haircut coz we both like long hair for her..This afternoon, i took her to super cuts to repair what she did then i decided to have the rest of her hair shorter..I kept on staring at her, on how younger she looks now...I think i will try to maintain this length for her. Oliver was so happy when he saw Francine, he's been nagging me about it for a long time..I was sad when i saw her hair falling on the floor, i thought of the time spent brushing those. Then I also remember how Francine cried because it hurt when there were so many tangles..I asked her after the haircut if she likes it, and she said YES! I will miss my long-haired daughter but i think i like the short one better..


C70 said...
December 25, 2007 at 12:40 AM

haha! i think all kids go through that phase! i nearly had a fit when my kids each cut their own hair!!!

your daughter is very pretty, Marj!

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