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I miss blogging but the last few days was spent taking care of the kids esp when we all got sick (*again*)!!! Sorry i wasn't able to reply to all the messages in my cbox, emails, and ym's...Having to meet a few deadlines doesn't help either...will be posting about it later..

I can't wait for spring so we can go out and play in the park...Anyway, last week my husband came in with the mail and when i saw he was holding a box and a large envelope, i held my breath until he handed them to me! Yup! I've been waiting for these: my prize from winning FesTeE december challenge at scrappinkids..Wati, one of the dt member chose my daughter's photo and made a layout for her and made a 6x6 for Isabella too..Francine couldn't believe that there was something for her too! I didn't tell her about it coz i am sure that she would be bugging me about it.


I bought 2 packs of chipboard thickers (giftbox) at my lss a few months ago..I used them first week of december and i was so upset because i had to use glue to make them stick!...i called american crafts and told them about it...they got my add and told me they will send a replacement pack..Not really expecting something, more than a month after i called, i received these! I was surprised coz i was expecting only a pack..thank you American Crafts!


Khei de Dios said...
February 15, 2008 at 5:44 PM

hi marj! i had the same problem with AC thickers that I bought last August 07. Come November, nawala na dikit nun. No choice but to glue them. sayang. if I had known na pwede pala yun I would've have reported them. Fave ko pa naman sila.

Wati Basri said...
February 16, 2008 at 6:01 PM

hei Marj, gld that package reached you safe and sound!i ws a little worried that it got in the mail!gld u love all the goodies :)

C70 said...
February 19, 2008 at 1:49 PM

have fun with your yummy stuff!

Cathy said...
February 21, 2008 at 6:34 AM

None of mine have ever stuck.... need to call them.

How are you Stranger? Miss you.

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