Embellished Idol 2009 Week 4 and 5

I made it to round 5!!! I forgot to post my week 4 layout right away... For week 4, we were asked to use the following:

1. painting
2. distressing
3. stitching
4. chipboard (raw or pre finished)
5. layering
I got lucky and made it to round 5. All the entries were amazing!!! We were asked to make a layout about:
1. 5 places we want to go to.
2. 5 things we want to do before we die. I chose the second one. Here's my bucket list.
I got my first copic pens about 2 years ago. But I wasn't motivated enough to really play with them. Then i saw all the wonderful creations by the copic artists. I can spend hours coloring with copics and not get bored. I need to practice my blending though...heehee..
I hope you can look past the word "happy". I should have used a sticker or a rub-on..uggh!


sarah said...
September 3, 2009 at 10:08 PM

WOW!!! love your layouts. definitely some eye candy going on here!

thanks for sharing.


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