imagine (class 3,elements of design-badgirls challenge)

wow...this class really made me place my embellishments with careful consideration of the elements of design...i have this 8x10 photo of my dd which would qualify automatically for the size element. but i did not focus on that element and instead,use the size of the photo as the starting point for the path or direction that i want the eyes to achieve this,i use most of the elements in making this lo.i want to focus on direction because most of the time,i find it hard to look at everything on a,i tried to make something that would make the eyes not miss a thing, without jumping from one part of the page to another.

the first thing you will look at,is the big photo(size element)..i use a black mat around the photo and decided to use a gray 12x12 paper(value element) so that the next object you will look at are the flowers..i used the rich red,purple and green(color element),to attract the eyes to move from my daughter's eyes towards the left lower side of the lo.the vertical arrangement of the flowers helps to move from the first flower to the bottom part of the photo where the title is placed. the lace(texture) with beads on top(dimension) placed on a horizontal line(another element) from left to right provides stability to the whole lo. the gold flower is positioned in an angle so that your eyes will go back to the photo. and so the cycle!

thanks for looking!!!

materials used:
basicgrey pp
bazzill cs
paper salon chipboards
mm chipboard letters
pp crystals
mm shimmer brads
greenhouse felt flowers

greenhouse felt


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