Ina Girl (Class 4-badgirls: white space)

what i found out about this class was how difficult it was to use white space without making your lo too boring(like what teacher Ania mentioned in her lecture)...i wanted to have enough eye candy to make the viewer interested longer...
i had a funny talk with my daugther last night after finishing the lo..i said,oh thank goodness,i am done. she said."mommy,not yet!" i said,"why?"..and she replied,";you haven't put anything in here yet!"(her hand was pointing at all the white space...i guess i still have to teach her about white!!!

the image is not that clear coz this was taken by my phone camera (almost 2 years ago). i wanted to use photos that are in my "to scrap" box to keep me on!

journaling (located at the side anchored by the chantilly charm):
francine,they call you ina girl,and i like it. i got that nickname from my mother "wilhelmina" who looks exactly like you..

materials used:
imaginisce chantilly charms
mm mini brad
bling (misc.)
american crafts rub-on
basicgrey for tags
mm photo anchors
amrican crafts ribbon


Donnabelle Bolo - Espiritu said...
October 3, 2007 at 10:59 AM

she is so adorable!!! ang cute!! nanibago din ako with the white space but i am sure pasok to i love it, the focus is your so pretty daughter tlaga :) goodluck in the next rounds sis!

aireescreates said...
October 3, 2007 at 12:05 PM

sister! goodluck! gaya ng sabi ni donna, im sure pasok ito! yung sa akin, mamya ko pa ipost kasi 1am pa lang dito! hehe! obvious ba na pinagpuyatan pa! dami kasi work kanina e. kaso, have a prob - di ko malaman kung anu sa 2 ang isusubmit ko??? tulog muna ko..... ")

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